Bendigo Stadium Members and Visitors can catch our courtesy bus service for FREE!

Bendigo Stadium offers a courtesy bus service on Friday and Saturday nights for all members and visitors to our Bendigo venues. Our Bendigo venues include the Bendigo Stadium and the Borough Club.

The courtesy bus is a 11-seater Toyota HiAce, capable of bringing large groups to and from the Bendigo Stadium. 

Our courtesy bus service will pick you up from your home, bring you to one of our venues, and then drop you back right at your front door. You can even hitch a ride on our courtesy bus into the Bendigo CBD!

The courtesy bus travels between our venues, throughout major Bendigo suburbs and the Bendigo CBD. Boundary limits apply.

To book the bus, call the Bendigo Stadium any time on (03) 5440 6212, or 0428 403 814 during bus operating hours to arrange a pickup time.


Day Start Time Finish Time

Bus begins at 4 PM

Then hourly pickups until the last drop-off

Last drop-off at 11:30 PM


Bus begins at 4 PM

Then hourly pickups until the last drop-off

Last drop-off at 11:30 PM


Patrons on the bus who breach our terms of service, are rude, use inflammatory language, or cause an unreasonable amount of duress to the driver, other passengers, traffic or otherwise, will have appropriate action taken against them that may include membership termination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the bus pick me up from?

The courtesy bus will pick up anyone residing in major Bendigo suburbs, within a 15km radius of the Bendigo CBD.


What if I am outside the 15km radius?

We're happy to pick up residents who live in the outer-Bendigo suburbs, including Marong, Woodvale Huntly and Longlea. At present, our service does not travel further than this.


Can I catch the bus if I'm not a member?

Absolutely! Members and visitors alike are more than welcome to hop on.


I require assisted access, am I able to catch this bus to your venue?

If you require assisted access, you are more than welcome to catch our courtesy bus service, as long as you are happy to board the vehicle with the assistance of the driver. The vehicle does not have a motorised platform to lift large or heavy mobility devices like motorised wheelchairs onto the bus.

We are able to reduce the seated capacity from 11 seats to 9, to accommodate passengers who require more space. If you have any additional questions, please email or call (03) 5440 6212 for more information.


Am I able to get a ride to a venue not operated by Bendigo Stadium?

No, at this time we do not allow passengers to travel to other venues, but we will drop you into the Bendigo CBD if you wish.


Does the bus operate on any other days besides Friday and Saturday?

At this stage, we only operate the bus on Friday and Saturday nights. If you would like to give any feedback on our operating hours or anything else at all, please email