Current Government Legislation
Quality Training & Education Centre (QTEC) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA). The VRQA is a statutory body administered under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 and the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2007 which accompany the Act. QTEC must comply with the VRQA Guidelines for VET Providers and the AQTF Essential Conditions and Standards for Continuing Registration.

QTEC delivers nationally accredited and recognised training. All courses are in line with the SIT12 Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Training Package which provides national qualifications, competency standards and assessment guidelines.

Application and Enrolment Process
Applications are taken on a first-come-first-served basis until the maximum number of participants is reached.

Applications and enrolments can be made through this website, in person at Bendigo Stadium Reception or by telephoning 03 5440 6200 during office hours.

Enrolment fees
Enrolment fees must be paid in full prior to the commencement of the course. Payment can be made online, in person at Bendigo Stadium Reception or over the phone on 03 5440 6200.
Where an employer or Job Services Agency (JSA) has agreed to pay for the course a purchase order of letter of authority to invoice must be provided prior to the commencement of the course.
Enrolment fees include all learning materials, supplies and assessments.

Other fees

An additional fee of $20 per certificate will apply where a student requests a replacement Statement of Attainment for one previously issued. This fee will not apply where the replacement certificate was required due to an error made on the original by QTEC or for any other reason that was the fault of QTEC.

Refund Policy
If a student withdraws from course prior to its commencement, QTEC will refund any enrolment fees paid in relation to that course. Alternatively, a student may request a transfer to the same course to be conducted at a later date.
Any other refunds are solely at the discretion of the Training Manager.

Dress requirements
As part of the training is conducted in various public areas of Bendigo Stadium and also because of OHS regulations, student dress regulations apply. Students are required wear clean, neat, modest and tidy attire with covered-in shoes. Examples of inappropriate attire include singlets, tank tops, thongs, sandals, etc. Long hair should be tied back.

Assessment for all courses is compulsory. Units are assessed by way of both written and practical assessments. Details of assessment will be provided to you at the beginning of each unit. Practical assessments involve demonstration of skills in a real or simulated workplace.

You must successfully complete both the written and practical assessments for each unit. If you do not successfully complete an assessment, you are entitled to have a second attempt at no extra charge. If you do not successfully complete an assessment at a second attempt you will need to re-enrol and complete the unit again.

Statements of Attainment
Upon successful completion of a unit, the student will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for that unit. Statements of Attainment will be issued within 10 working days of the completion of the relevant unit.

Appeals or complaints
QTEC deals with any appeals or complaints promptly and systematically. Each appeal or grievance is recorded in writing with details of the process undertaken to resolve the case and its outcome.

Student Records
In accordance with privacy laws, information recorded by QTEC will be used only for purposes associated with a student’s enrolment, for audit purposes and in providing statistical information to government agencies.

A student is entitled to access his/her records, including assessments, by contacting the Training Manager.

Student Support Services
Access and Equity
Access and equity policies are incorporated into Bendigo Stadium Limited operating policies and procedures. Bendigo Stadium Limited prohibits discrimination in any form, including:
(a) Gender
(b) Physical or mental disability
(c) Race, colour, nationality, ethnic or religious background
(d) Sexuality
(e) Age
(f) Marital status
(g) Pregnancy
(h) Socio-economic factors

QTEC will, as far as possible, make reasonable adjustments to cater for individual students with special needs.

Fees and Charges
QTEC endeavours to keep enrolment fees as low as possible in order to ensure that its courses remain affordable.

Class Size and Trainer Support
All courses are delivered face-to-face by experienced Trainers in relatively small groups. This enables students to receive maximum support from the Trainer to assist them in successful completion of their course(s).

Literacy and Numeracy Support
Literacy and numeracy skills are part of the required skills and knowledge for each unit. Applicants who identify themselves as having literacy and/or numeracy will be referred to either:
• Bendigo Regional Institute of TAFE (BRIT); or
• Access Skills Training (AST)
both of whom provide courses to assist people with literacy and numeracy problems.