Course and Certificate Questions:

Q. Can I pay for the course on the day of the course:

This is not recommended as we will not be able to guarantee you a spot in the course without prior payment.

 Q. Do I need to bring anything along to the course:

No you do not need to bring anything. All materials will be provided.

 Q. Is there any concession price:

Yes . $5 off any course for concession card holders.

 Q. Where do I go for the course:

All courses are located at the Bendigo Stadium. When you arrive for you course please wait at the main Concourse/Reception area and one of the trainers will come and collect you and take you to the training room.

 Q. How can I pay for the course?

Payments can be made in person at the Bendigo Stadium Reception Office (office hours only).

Payments can be made using our online payment system here.

 Q. Can I have my certificate reprinted

Yes you can. There is a $20 reprint fee. If you require a reprint and it is urgent please give us plenty of notice so we can reprint it for you quickly. Please contact the Bendigo Stadium reception to request a reprint 03 5440 6200.


Online Course Payment Questions:

Q. Are my details secure?

Yes! All the information we ask for when you place your order is essential for us to process your order. We use the latest SSL encryption (128 bit) technology to ensure all your details are kept secure. We do not sell, rent or otherwise pass on any of your details to other parties.

Q. Do you take xxxxxxx card type for payment?

We accept Visa and MasterCard

Q. What happens if I would like a refund?

Please contact the Bendigo Stadium Reception on 03 5440 6200 and refer to QTEC's refund policy here.