QTEC - Quality Training & Education Centre is a registered training organization that understands the importance of building and fostering effective partnerships within business for the benefit of trainees/students and the enterprise.

QTEC - Quality Training & Education Centre will:

  • Maintain adequate and appropriate insurance including Public Liability and Work Cover
  • Advise Skills Victorian writing within 10 working days of any change to the information contained in the Registration/Endorsement application
  • Advise Skills Victoria within 21 days of the commencement of training in a state other than Victoria
  • Document agreements with any other training organisation's outlining areas of responsibility
  • Keep written policies and procedures and legislative information, Commonwealth and State relevant to our business
  • Keep all stakeholders informed of legislation, Commonwealth and State relevant to our business
  • Allow the Skills Victoria or its agents access our training records, delivery locations and staff for the purpose of auditing performance or verifying compliance with the Conditions of Registration/Endorsement
  • Pay the Skills Victoria all recognition fees within 30 days for these fees being due and payable
  • Have a student fee protection and refund policy
  • Ensure that financial records and procedures are compliant and audited annually
  • Ensure that effective administration and record management procedures are followed
  • Ensure access equity principles are followed when dealing with clients
  • Recruit and induct staff who are adequately qualified and informed to perform their duties
  • Ensure assessment and learning strategies meet the required standards of the curriculum and industry
  • Issue qualifications that meet the requirements of AQF standards and display the necessary
  • National and State logos
  • Advertise and market accurately and ethically identifying services leading to AQF qualifications

The Access and Equity policy complements the Equal Opportunity policy and aims to provide access to quality training to any prospective student regardless of socioeconomic or other perceived disadvantages.

The company aims to:

  • Support the enrolment of a more diverse student group by encouraging access for students from targeted equity groups.
  • Provide all students with learning experiences and services to ensure success.
  • Capture data through the enrolment process which comprehensively profiles students equity groups and assists with planning strategies to improve access and equity.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to equity and access principles through policies, training, practices and contract negotiations with major employer groups.

Access and Equity Strategies

QTEC - Quality Training & Education Centre's main strategy to achieve access and equity in the provision of training and assessment is to negotiate with employers so that any employee willing to undertake training should be given the opportunity.

To this end we structure our Fee for Service business to allow for the inclusion of all members of staff interested in accredited training funded by Commonwealth Incentive payments to employers in the case of trainee ship delivery.Our aim is to promote the value of training to employers and staff.

Exclusion of staff from training can promote tension and acrimony in the workplace; therefore it is our goal to provide relevant, supportive and accessible training programs to everyone in a particular workplace the purpose of administration and monitoring, QTEC - Quality Training & Education Centre will maintain the confidentiality of clients' records through quality hard copy records stored in a secured office in lockable files.

Electronic files will be kept and for audit purposes, statistical data returns will be recorded on the Tertiary Enrolment Database which is AVETMISS compliant.

QTEC - Quality Training & Education Centre will:

Maintain systems for recording student enrolments, attendance, completion, assessment outcomes (including RPL), results, qualification issued, complaints and the archiving of records. In the event that QTEC - Quality Training & Education Centre ceases operations, all records of students, dating from the time the organization became registered, for all training covered by the registration, will be sent to Skills Victoria on computer disk.

Supply the Skills Victoria as requested with delivery details for each course/Training Package qualification and module/unit of competence in the Scope of Registration and student details including enrolments, participation's and completions in accordance with Skills Victoria-AVETMISS requirements.

Maintain confidentiality of all clients' records.

Course Delivery

All training qualifications delivered by QTEC - Quality Training & Education Centre is from Nationally Recognised Training Packages.

QTEC - Quality Training & Education Centre will:

  • Ensure that a current copy of the course curriculum/endorsed Training Package and information regarding the program of study, availability of learning resources and appropriate support services are available to students;
  • Ensure that training and assessment occur in accordance with the requirements of the endorsed Training Package, and where appropriate the State or National guidelines for customising courses;
  • Obtain written permission from course copyright owners prior to course delivery to use and, if requires, customise courses.
  • QTEC - Quality Training & Education Centre will issue qualifications and/or statements of attainment to students who satisfactorily complete the requirements of the qualification-endorsed Training Package within the company's Scope of Registration.

Qualifications and Statements of Attainment will include the following:

  • RTO Number
  • Name of the provider as shown on the Certificate of Registration;
  • Name of the person receiving the qualification;
  • Name of the course/Training Package qualification as shown on the Scope of Registration;
  • Date issued;
  • Authorised signatory of the Registered Training Organisation;
  • Imprint certificates with the nationally recognised training logo where courses are nationally recognised;
  • Identify units of competency achieved on any certification issued in relation to courses based on national competency standards;
  • Accept and mutually recognise the qualifications and Statements of Attainment awarded by any other Registered Training Organisation.

A sample of the qualifications issued by QTEC - Quality Training & Education Centre is available from the administration office.

Marketing QTEC - Quality Training & Education Centre will:

  • Market courses within the Scope of Registration with integrity, accuracy and professionalism, avoiding vague and ambiguous statements. No false or misleading comparisons will be drawn with any other provider or course;
  • Not state or imply that courses other than those within the Scope of Registration are recognised by the State Authority.

Standard 12 Ethical Marketing And Advertising

Standard 12.1 QTEC - Quality Training & Education Centre marketing material is accurate and approved by a duly authorised member of staff.

Standard 12.2 QTEC - Quality Training & Education Centre would obtain prior written permission from any person or organisation for use of any marketing or advertising material, which refers to that person or organisation and must abide by any conditions of that permission.

Standard 12.3 QTEC - Quality Training & Education Centre would accurately represent to prospective clients training products and services that lead to AQF qualifications or Statement of Attainment and ensure that advertised outcomes are consistent with these qualifications.

Standard 12.4 QTEC - Quality Training & Education Centre will advertise AQF qualifications only if they are included in the RTO's scope of registration and must not state or imply that services are within that scope if they are not.

Standard 12.5 QTEC - Quality Training & Education Centre marketing and advertising material will identify training and assessment services leading to AQF qualifications and / or statements of attainment separately from any other training / assessment services.

A sample of the QTEC - Quality Training & Education Centre marketing material is available in Volume One of the QTEC - Quality Training & Education Centre Operations Manual: Issuing of Qualification - Marketing section.

Recruitment and Selection of Student QTEC - Quality Training & Education Centre will strive to meet all aspects of our policy and procedure documents as a minimum standard to ensure we continually provide the highest quality service and training delivery without bias to all our students.

QTEC - Quality Training & Education Centre will advise prospective students at enrolment of:

  • Its Scope of Registration;
  • Application processes and selection criteria;
  • Fees and costs involved in undertaking training;
  • Qualifications to be issued on completion or partial completion of courses;
  • Competencies to be achieved during training;
  • Assessment procedures including recognition of prior learning;
  • Complaints procedure;
  • Facilities and equipment;
  • Student support services;
  • Recruit students at all times in an ethical and responsible manner courses;
  • Ensure that application and selection processes are explicit and defensible and equity and access principles are observed.

Quality Assurance and Improvement

QTEC - Quality Training & Education Centre will adopt a quality assurance and improvement policy that includes clearly documented procedures for managing and monitoring all training operations and reviewing student/client satisfaction.

The evaluation and continuous improvement of our business will involve all aspects of our operations including:

  • Marketing and provision of information to prospective students/clients
  • Student selection
  • Enrolment
  • Collection of fees
  • Student counseling
  • Delivery of training
  • Assessment and Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Record keeping
  • Evaluation and Quality Assurance Practices

Quality Assurance Policy and Procedures section.

Bendigo Stadium Training & Assessment will:

  • Ensure that teachers and trainers have:
  • Demonstrated competencies at least to the level of those being delivered;
  • Demonstrated achievement of at least Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training or the equivalent;
  • Industrial experience that is current and relevant to the particular course/training package or module/unit of competence that they are involved in delivering.
  • Ensure that responsibility for the management of Recognition of Prior Learning applications and assessments is clearly identified and undertaken by a person or persons with relevant expertise;
  • Ensure that responsibility for the management and coordination of training delivery, assessment, staff selection and professional development is clearly identified and undertaken by a person or persons with relevant qualifications or expertise.

Training Environment QTEC - Quality Training & Education Centre will:

  • Comply with laws relevant to the operation of training premises including occupational health and safety and fire regulations.
  • Ensure the training premises are of adequate size and have adequate heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation.
  • Ensure that training facilities, equipment and other resource materials are adequate for the Scope of Registration and are maintained in good order and repair.

Learning and Assessment Strategies: Facilities and Resources. Methods of Evaluation The evaluation process, monitoring client satisfaction shall be ongoing. QTEC - Quality Training & Education Centre shall gather relevant, reliable and valid information for the purposes of improving our service, developing best practice and quality in education and training.

Information will be gathered through a variety of methods, including observation, discussion, interview and the administration of questionnaires. All trainee workbooks and course notes will contain an evaluation questionnaire which students will be asked to complete at the end of the session or trainee ship.

The information gained from these surveys will be collated and discussed with staff in order to improve processes and the quality of the service we provide.